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/ Shirayuki Brewery Village Choujugura
Shirayuki Brewery Village Choujugura
This is a remodeled sake cellar from the Edo period - a great stop for your trip to Itami, considered the birthplace of sake. Fulfil your curiosity, have fun, and learn about beer and sake.
Inside, visitors can view the production process at the brewery that makes the Belgian-style Shirayuki Beer; there's also the Brewery Restaurant where diners enjoy fresh beer and sake brewed inside the facility, as well as Belgian cuisine and other original dishes made with sake lees. The Brewery Museum houses an exhibit about brewing tools, 3D art, and other educational interactive experiences. Lastly, the Brewery Shop sells Belgian beer, sake, original souvenirs, and sake-related items; you can even buy sake by volume!

Address 3-4-15 Chuo, Itami 664-0851
Contact Shirayuki Brewery Village Choujugura 072-773-1111 
Parking Lot

5 min. on foot from Itami Station on the JR Takarazuka Line
5 min. on foot from Itami Station on the Hankyu Itami Line

Barrier-free toilet (1 wheelchair-accessible stall, 1 baby bed, and 2 stalls with handrails) and other facilities for those in wheelchairs (ramps and wheelchair parking)