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/ Lustre Hall (Itami City Lifelong Learning Center)
Lustre Hall (Itami City Lifelong Learning Center)
This is a multi-functional facility that combines culture/learning/information with a library, fitness center, and elderly welfare.
The Multi-function Hall, which holds about 300 people, hosts movies, concerts, lectures, and other events, while other rooms are used for educational and practical classes. Various other clubs also utilize this space for activities and events.
The fourth floor is home to Fitness Lustre, which boasts a gym, heated pool, studio, and other spaces for fitness and physical training. Instructors tailor training menus to fit their clients' age, body, and goals, while sports doctors offer health consultations and nutritionists offer nutrition counseling and occasional courses. The facilities are the perfect source for local health improvement.

Address 2-3-25 Minamino, Itami 664-0865
Contact Lustre Hall 072-781-8877 
hours open 9:00-21:00 (until 17:00 on Sundays and holidays)
Parking Lot
Yes (paid)
Regular holiday
every Tuesday (or the next business day if Tuesday is a holiday) and Dec. 29 - Jan. 3

From JR Itami Station or Hankyu Itami Station, ride the #37 City Bus toward Hankyu Tsukaguchi, get off at the Inano-cho 8-chome stop, and walk 1 min.
From the north exit of Tsukaguchi Station on the Hankyu Kobe Line, ride the #37 City Bus bound for Hankyu Itami or the #40 bound for Sanshidan Kotsukyoku-mae, and get off at the Lustre Hall-mae stop.
A 10-min. walk from Inano Station on the Hankyu Itami Line

Barrier-free toilets (3 wheelchair-accessible stalls, 1 baby bed, 28 stalls with handrails), services for those in wheelchairs (wheelchair rental service, ramps, wheelchair parking), babysitting available (only for Fitness Lustre users, for children 2 years and older; available 4 times/month 10:00-12:30)