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/ Itami Ryokuchi Park
Itami Ryokuchi Park
This is a nature path that leads through the eastern edge of Itami terrace. The beautiful path covers approximately 1.4 km between Inano Shrine and National Route 171, with sunlight streaming through the trees.
On the grounds of Inano Shrine, which pays homage to the deity Susano-o, visitors will find 97 stone lanterns that were donated by sake brewers and other merchants. There is also a 13.5-meter-tall soapberry tree, which is a Designated City Cultural Property.

Address 2 Kita-honmachi to 4 Takadai, Itami

To Inano Shrine: 10 min. on foot from Itami Station on the JR Takarazuka Line or Hankyu Itami Line