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/ Mangan-ji Temple
Mangan-ji Temple
A temple opened by Shōdō Shōnin in the Nara Period, and known as a sacred site connected to Genji along with Tada Shrine. The Kannon temple houses the Standing Statue of the Thousand-Armed Kannon (exhibited publicly every spring equinox), while the main hall houses precious Buddhist statues such as Amidanyorai, Sacred Kannon, Eleven-faced Kannon and Four Heavenly Kings.
In the precinct there is a 353 cm tall Nine-Story Stone Pagoda (National Important Cultural Property) built by the daughter of Genji based on her wish for the death of her parents to be peaceful, the Tomb of Sakata no Kintoki, one of the four great warriors of Minamoto no Yorimitsu who helped to kill the Shuten-dōji demon, as well as the Drawing Room Garden which is a renowned spot for Sakura and autumn leaves where the azaleas are beautiful.
There are also many walking spots near the temple, with various hiking courses that lead towards this temple from Hankyu “Hibarigaoka-Hanayashiki Station”.

Address 7-1 Manganji-cho, Kawanishi-shi 665-0891
Contact Mangan-ji Temple 072-759-2452

“Mangan-ji Mae” bus stop via Hankyu bus from Hankyu Takarazuka Line “Hibarigaoka-Hanayashiki Station”

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