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/ Dragon Land
Dragon Land
An urban park maintained beneath the elevated Hanshin Expressway, with a scale of 14,700 square meters in the Obana and Oobe areas. Large-scale play equipment called Dragon Play Equipment is installed because there are many tales about dragons in Kawanishi City, with ring-shaped play equipment with a length of 133 meters featuring the White Dragon and Blue Dragon facing each other. A multi-purpose space and a play equipment space is maintained elsewhere within the park.
In the vicinity of the park there are also areas that can be enjoyed from children to adults such as a cycling path, rows of Sakura trees and the Seseragi waterway for playing in water.

Address 2 Oobe, 2 Obana, Kawanishi-shi 666-0014
Contact Kawanishi City Department of Parks and Green Spaces 072-740-1185

10 minute walk from Hankyu Railway/Nose Electric Railway “Kawanishi Noseguchi Station”

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Accessible toilets available (2 wheelchair compatible toilets, 2 child seat locations, 2 handrail equipped locations)
Wheelchair facilities available (sloped ramp, disabled parking)
Nursing facilities available (nappy changing bed within toilets)