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/ Tabuto Shrine
Tabuto Shrine
It was known as Hirano Myojin by the villagers until the early Edo Period, but inspections by the Shogunate revealed that it was the venerable Tabuto Shrine listed on the Engishiki document written in the Heian Period.
Next to the national road and carved with the “「」”symbol, the stone marker that denominates the shrine was made at this time and is a cultural property designated by the city.
This shrine has eaves attached to the Tsumairi-style building, the roof has Kasuga-style hinoki bark thatching, in the interior of the main shrine there is a miniature shrine that had writing inside that indicated that it was made in 1693 (Genroku 6) in the first half of the Edo Period, and is designated by the city as a cultural property.

Address 2-20-21 Hirano, Kawanishi-shi 666-0121

5 minute walk from Nose Electric Railway “Hirano Station”