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/ Tada Shrine
Tada Shrine
In 970 (Tenroku 1) Minamoto no Mitsunaka, the great-grandchild of the Emperor Seiwa and the founder of the Seiwa Genji Clan, built the Tada-in Temple which was the antecedent of the shrine, while the current building was rebuilt by the 4th Tokugawa Shogun Ietsuna.
The main shrine and front shrine is an important cultural property of Japan and honors five samurai: Minamoto no Mitsunaka, Yorimitsu, Yorinobu, Yoriyoshi and Yoshiie. Furthermore, the treasure shrine within the precinct stores precious items such as Tada Shrine writings (National Important Cultural Property) and treasured swords of the Minamoto Clan such as Onikiri-maru, as well as armor and calligraphic works.
The whole area where the shrine is located is surrounded by a sacred atmosphere and is designated by the nation as a historic site which features rare trees, such as old trees with the best Camellia Reticulata (Captain Rawes) in Japan.

Address 1-1 Tadadokoro-cho, Tadain, Kawanishi-shi 666-0127
Contact Tada Shrine 072-793-0001
hours open 6:00 am -5:00 pm
Parking Lot
Available (Payment Required)

15 minute walk from Nose Electric Railway “Tada Station”
From Hankyu Line/Nose Electric Railway “Kawanishi Noseguchi Station”/JR Line “Kawanishi Ikeda Station”
2 minute walk to the north from “Tada Jinja-mae” bus stop
Approx. 10 minute drive from “Ikeda Kibe Interchange” via Hanshin Expressway No. 11 Ikeda Route

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