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/ Obe Shrine
Obe Shrine
It is thought to have been built around the Heian Period as it is listed in the Engishiki document from the Heian Period.
The main shrine from the early Edo Period and the pair of wooden guardian dogs from the Kamakura Period are city designated important cultural properties.
In the precinct there is a large 500 year old camphor tree that was designated by the prefecture as a natural monument in 1966. It presently has a root circumference of around 12 meters, a height of around 30 meters and an estimated age of 500 years, and if there is no change to the environment it is thought that it will continue to grow.

Address 1-13-17 Obe, Kawanishi-shi 666-0014
Contact Obe Shrine 072-757-5094

Wheelchair facilities available (sloped ramp)