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/ Shofuku-ji Temple Tumulus
Shofuku-ji Temple Tumulus
Around 1000 tumuli were made in the hills of Nagaoyama that span between Kawanishi and Takarazuka approximately 1400 to 1600 years ago. One of these is Shofuku-ji Temple Tumulus, a keyhole shaped grave with a length of around 40 meters. In the rear rounded section there is a horizontal stone chamber that was skillfully made by layering granite, from which mirrors, jewelry, swords and harnesses have been excavated. In the front section a wooden coffin has been found, from which burial items such as gold rings, swords, and silver gardenia jewelry have been dug up.
Based on recent investigations, it is a keyhole shaped grave from the early 6th century that has the oldest horizontal stone chamber in the northern Kinki area and is thought to have belonged to a prominent regional clan that held a significant amount of power.

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20 minute walk to the north from Hankyu Line/Nose Electric Railway “Kawanishi Noseguchi Station”