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/ Statue of F. Nightingale
Statue of F. Nightingale
Florence Nightingale created a nurses’ training school, made hospital reform proposals and was a major influence on the later establishment of the International Red Cross. This statue of Nightingale was raised in the current location on August 13, 1936, when the owner of the land Nakayama Tsuyu was extremely moved by this dedicated nurse while he was getting cared for in his later years at a Japanese Red Cross Hospital, and thus wanted to leave behind this sentiment for future generations. It is based on the statue that stands at the entrance of the Nightingale Home and Training School for Nurses, St. Thomas’s Hospital, and it is said that there are only 2 in the world. It is life-sized at around 175 centimeters and the right hand is raised to the chest and holds a flame, while words which mean “relief of suffering and compassion” are carved on the base that teach the spirit of benevolence and philanthropy. Every year in May there is a birthday commemoration festival that is visited by many nursing students to make a pledge to the spirit of “service and philanthropy”.

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10 minute walk from Hankyu Takarazuka Line “Hibarigaoka Hanayashiki Station”