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/ Hitokura Dam
Hitokura Dam
This is a multi-purpose dam that makes adjustments for flooding and provides water for waterworks. It cost 63.2 billion yen over a period of around 16 years before being completed in 1983 as a water resource between Osaka and Kobe in Hitokura Orojigawa River, a tributary of the Inagawa River in the Yodogawa water system.
As for the size, it has a height of 75 meters (virtually the same as the length of a jumbo jet) and a length of 285 meters (almost the same as 4 jumbo jets), the amount of water that can be stored is 33.3 million cubic meters (about 28 Kyocera Domes) while the surface area of the reservoir is 1.4 square kilometers (about 41 Kyocera Domes).
The area around the dam is surrounded by beautiful nature during all four seasons, and with the Hyogo Prefectural Hitokura Park it is ideal for drives and hiking. The Kawanishi Hitokura Dam Circuit Marathon is held in November when it is surrounded by autumn leaves, while the roadsides are filled with cheering crowds.

Address 4-1 Karamatsu, Hitokuraji, Kawanishi-shi 666-0153
Contact Hitokura Dam Management Office, Incorporated Administrative Agency Japan Water Agency
Parking Lot
Parking available next to the management office

Bus ride to “Hitokura Dam” via Hankyu Bus from Nose Electric Railway “Yamashita Station”
From Hanshin Expressway Ikeda Route “Ikeda Kibe Interchange” to National Route 173, to Mt. Mukaisan Tunnel, then to Hitokura Dam

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