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/ Eikon-ji Temple Remnants Historical Park
Eikon-ji Temple Remnants Historical Park
There was once a Yakushido Hall within the Eikon-ji Temple precinct, which housed an image of Yakushi Nyorai that was a prefectural cultural property, but the Yakushido Hall was completely destroyed during the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake. Eikon-ji Temple was thought to have been built in the Nara Period and was deeply worshiped by Minamoto no Mitsunaka and Yorimitsu. Stories of them receiving miracles remained, making it a temple of healing worship for the local people. An excavation in 1999, 2000 discovered the remains of a Buddhist temple that was built in the late Heian Period and had a dais for a Buddhist image in the center. It is currently maintained as a relic site, with restoration of the Buddhist temple and surface of the Buddhist dais continuing. Inside the park there is also a monument to honor Zeniya Gohei, a wealthy merchant of Kaga in the Edo Period.

Address 1-6 Hanayashiki, Kawanishi-shi 666-0035
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10 minute walk from Hankyu Railway/Nose Electric Railway “Kawanishi Noseguchi Station”