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/ Hyogo Prefectural Hitokura Park
Hyogo Prefectural Hitokura Park
A park with an area of 48.2 hectares made on the peninsula Chimyosan that juts out onto the lake surface of Hitokura Dam. There is a Waterside Zone for strolling while viewing the main body of the dam and the lake, a Hill Zone for playing freely in a lawn space or playing in and enjoying the sound of water, and a Mountain Zone where a fuel-wood forest remains and where Hitokura charcoal famous for tea ceremonies is made. Insect and plant observation as well as bird watching can be enjoyed here. Small children through to adults can also participate in different types of events and workshops held within the park.

Address 1-6 Chimyo, Kunisaki, Kawanishi-shi 666-0103
Contact Hyogo Prefectural Hitokura Park Management Office 072-794-4970
Parking Lot
76 cars at the lakeside car park (partially shared use with large vehicles), 72 cars at the hill car park
Opening Hours 9:00 am - 6:00 pm (May - September), 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (October - April)
*Those using large-scale buses should contact the management office beforehand.
*Those using wheelchairs, the elderly or who are accompanied by children can also use the hill car park.

30 minute walk to the center of the park from “Nagahara Bus Stop” via Hankyu Bus on the Nishinose route from Nose Electric Railway “Yamashita Station”

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available (4 wheelchair compatible toilets, 4 baby bed installed toilets, 4 handrail equipped toilets)
Wheelchair facilities available (wheelchair rental service, sloped ramp, wheelchair parking, wheelchair compatible public phone)