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/ Satoyama of Kurokawa (Sakura Forest / Kurokawa Community Center)
Satoyama of Kurokawa (Sakura Forest / Kurokawa Community Center)
A precious area where the landscape of the Satoyama (mountain-side settlement) has been maintained, it is said to be the best Satoyama in Japan
Inside the Satoyama there is the Sakura Forest cluster of Edo Higan Zakura trees, while in the village there is the former Kurokawa Elementary School (Kurokawa Community Center), the oldest wooden elementary school in the prefecture that was built in 1904.
There are also many attractions in Kurokawa, such as the Chimyo Lake Campsite which is known as a leisure spot in the metropolitan area as well as the poetic autumn charm of the Kurokawa Dahlia Garden and Mt. Myoken filled with hikers.
The Kurokawa Satoyama Festival is held every autumn, where crowds of people gather to enjoy the charms of the naturally abundant Kurokawa area.

Address Kurokawa, Kawanishi-shi 666-0101
Contact 072-740-1161

Walk or bus ride via Hankyu Bus from Nose Electric Railway “Myokenguchi Station”
*The required time, transport method and parking availability differs according to the facility.