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/ Koyaike Park
Koyaike Park
Koyaike Pond, the main attraction at the park, was dug in the Nara period by the famous Buddhist priest Gyoki to protect against flooding. A wintering ground for migrating birds, visitors in fall and winter are sure to see many birds flocking to the water's surface; swans can be seen swimming the pond year-round. For this reason, there is a bird-watching bridge in the park, allowing visitors to observe the wild water birds; there is also the Koyaike Center and its observation room, offering panoramas of the pond. You'll also be near the Itami City Insect Museum and its colorful butterfly house, offering further opportunities to get closer to nature and refresh the senses.

Address 3-1 Koyaike, Itami 664-0015
Contact Itami City Parks Dept. 072-784-8134
hours open 24 hours/day (Furusato Komichi path open 9:00-17:00)
Free entrance
Parking Lot
Paid parking (9:00-17:00) Approx. 150 spaces; \200 for the first hour, and then \100/30 min.

From Itami Station on the JR or Hankyu Itami Line, ride the City Bus bound for Nishino Mukogawa Center-mae via Matsugaoka or Minamihata via Matsugaoka, and get off at the Matsugaoka stop; alternately ride the City Bus bound for Nishino Mukogawa Center via Saibansho-mae and get off at the Koyaike-koen stop