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/ Itami Sky Park
Itami Sky Park
This is a 1.2 km x 80 m park located right next to the runway.
The Dandan Terrace, comprising 12 large steps of stone and grass, is part of the Ozora (Great Sky) Hill, from which visitors enjoy panoramas of Itami Airport's runways and impressive, up-close views of airplanes taking off and landing. A gigantic maze, located at Boken (Adventure) Hill, and Tsutsuji (Rhododendron) Hill and its beautiful blooms are also worth checking out.
The Park Center is equipped with a plane-landing simulation game with which players can try their hand at controlling the same air radar systems that are actually used in the control towers. At the Tsubasa (Wing) Hill area, opened in 2008, is the plane-wing-sized Wing Deck, overwhelming with its size; the Hilltop Parking Lot, meanwhile, offers views of the runway from within your own car.
The nighttime views at the park are another of its charms. The enchanting airport scenery changes by the hour, and there's plenty to see at the park itself, night and day: illuminated fountains at the Central Entrance, the 130-meter Starlight Path walkway glowing at sunset, the Hoshizora (Starry Sky) Path, and more.

Address 7-1-1 Morimoto, Itami 664-0842
Contact Itami Sky Park Park Center 072-772-3447
Itami City Parks Dept. 072-784-8134
hours open 7:00-21:00
(Weekends and holidays Apr.-Oct.)
(Nov.-Mar. and weekdays Apr.-Oct.)
Parking Lot
Paid parking (3 lots, approx. 340 spaces)
Regular cars: \100/20 min.
Microbus: \1,500/use (reservation required
Large bus: \3,000/use (reservation required)
*Must enter parking lot by 20:30
*On weekends and holidays, parking lots become very crowded and visitors may not be able to enter.

●By train
From Hankyu Itami Station, take the bus bound for Osaka Kokusai Kuko (Osaka International Airport) via Kamitsu, or the Iwaya Junkan bus.
From JR Itami Station, take the Iwaya Junkan bus
Ride the bus and get off at the Itami Sky Park Kamisuko stop
●By car
Exit the Hanshin Expressway Route 11 (Ikeda Route) at Toyonaka-kita and drive west 10 min.

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Barrier-free toilet (6 wheelchair-accessible stalls, 6 diaper-changing tables or baby chairs, and 6 stalls with handrails)
Services for those with visual impairments (Braille blocks)
Services for those in wheelchairs (ramps, wheelchair parking)