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Inano Shrine
This former prefectural shrine is the guardian god of Itami. It enshrines Inanonimasu-okami (a deity who is said to represent Takehaya Susanoo-no-Mikoto, Hondawake-no-Mikoto, Emperor Uda, Emperor Daigo, Chinzei Hachiro Tametomo, and Toyotomi Hideyori). Its exact date of construction is unknown, but in 904 it was relocated to its present location from Ina-dera Temple in Amagasaki. The shrine grounds cover approximately 3,000 tsubo (almost 10,000 square meters); the area is home to 17 small yashiro shrines, dedicated to deities like Ebessan and Tenjin-san, said to bring economic prosperity and household safety to visitors. The main shrine was built in 1686; on the western wall is an inscription of a poem written by the famous poet Onitsura from Itami.
The shrine grounds feature rows of 97 stone lanterns, donated by sake brewers and other merchants, as well as a giant, 13.5-meter-tall soapberry tree that was designated a City Cultural Property in 1986. The Owatari Festival has even been described in the Inano Shrine Shinko Emaki scroll, a Designated City Cultural Property, since 1703.
During the Sengoku period of civil war, it was also where the northern tip (Kishi no Toride) of Araki Murashige's Arioka Castle grounds lay, and remains of the embankments and moat can be seen today. The shrine, along with the Arioka Castle main bailey ruins in front of JR Itami Station, are a Designated National Historical Site.

Address 3-6-1 Miyanomae, Itami 664-0895
Contact Inano Shrine 072-782-2704
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10 min. on foot from Itami Station on the Hankyu Itami Line or JR Takarazuka Line