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/ Shodo-ji Temple
Shodo-ji Temple
A temple famous due to the legend of Bijomaru and also known from the Noh song called Nakamitsu. Minamoto no Mitsunaka sent his child Bijomaru to Nakayama-dera Temple to study to become a monk, but his vassal Nakamitsu was ordered to kill Bijomaru because the child shirked his training. However, Nakamitsu was not able to bare this and so killed his own child Kojumaru instead and sent Bijomaru to Mount Hiei. When Bijomaru heard about this later on, he felt regret and put great effort into his training, becoming an ordained Genken monk and built Shodo-ji Temple to honor Kojumaru. Behind the main temple there are graves that are said to be of Kojumaru in the center, Bijomaru on the right, Fujiwara no Nakamitsu on the left and Watanabe no Tsuna, one of the four great warriors that served Minamoto no Yorimitsu.
The treasures of the temple include Descent of Amida and Twenty-Five Attendants (Preserved in the Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts), an important intangible cultural property said to be made in the Kamakura Period, as well as the rare Muhoto and Stone Tablet of Thirteen Buddhas, said to be made in the early Muromachi Period.

Address 1-7-1 Nishiuneno, Kawanishi-shi 666-0155
Contact Shodo-ji Temple 072-794-0253

30 minute walk from Nose Electric Railway “Yamashita Station”