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/ Kyodokan Museum (Folk Museum of Kawanishi)
Kyodokan Museum (Folk Museum of Kawanishi)
The Former Heian Residence is the main facility, which operated until the early Showa Period as a smelter connected to the Tada silver and copper mines that made use of the Heian residence. The Former Heian Residence (Nationally Registered Cultural Property) is a building that carries the distinctive traits of the region’s traditional housing, the Sukiya-style construction that spread after the Meiji Period, as well as technical innovation and modernity. The main building has 3 rooms next to the dirt floor in a 6 room one story building, and uses carefully chosen materials of Hinoki cypress and Japanese Zelkova trees. Life in the Taisho Period can be observed in this large estate with 4 warehouses, a detached zashiki sitting room, a bathing room, rice granary and barn. Inside the museum is the Chopstick Exhibition Room that displays Isshiki Hachirō’s chopstick collection that was accumulated over a long period and features not only chopsticks from regions of Japan but also rare chopsticks from foreign countries such as China and Mongolia. There is also a Mining Materials Exhibition Room that displays the tools used in a Heian smelter as well as the results of the excavation.
There is also the Former Hiraga Residence (Nationally Registered Cultural Property) built by Professor Hiraga Yoshimi in Oobe, Kawanishi City during the Taisho Period and which features bay windows and a chimney in an English country-style, as well as the Musée L’Espoir which exhibits posthumous works by two great painters with a connection to Kawanishi City, Aoki Daijo (Japanese-style Painter) and Hiradori Takeo (Western-style Painter), plus the Remains of a Heian Smelter.

Address 4-1 Gezai-cho, Kawanishi-shi 666-0107
Contact 072-794-3354
hours open 10:00 am - 4:30 pm (Entry until 4:00 pm)
Closed every Monday (or the following day if it is a public holiday), and the end and start of the year (December 28 to January 4)

15 minute walk from Nose Electric Railway “Yamashita Station”

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