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/ Takarazuka Grand Theater
Takarazuka Grand Theater
Established in 1914 with the motto "clear, just, and beautiful," the Takarazuka Revue puts on gorgeous stage productions performed by actors from their five kumi or troupes (Hana/Flower, Tsuki/Moon, Yuki/Snow, Hoshi/Star, and Sora/Cosmos) and others from specialized courses. The city of Takarazuka is home to both the New Takarazuka Grand Theater, opened in 1993, and the Takarazuka Bow Hall, adjacent to the Theater and opened in 1978. Performers cannot stand on the Takarazuka Revue stage without first graduating from the Takarazuka Music School nearby.
The Takarazuka Grand Theater has a grand staircase (a major symbol of the Revue), six stage lifts of various sizes, a revolving stage platform 14.6 meters in diameter, a platform running from the stage to the back of the theater, an apron stage, and other special equipment designed to show off gorgeously costumed actors in a variety of musicals and other shows. Live music from the theater's own orchestra adds an even greater level of enjoyment to these performances. The Rose of Versailles, one of the most successful productions, has earned the Revue enormous popularity. What's more, since 1938 the troupes have performed in more than 120 cities in 17 different countries.

Address 1-1-57 Sakae-machi, Takarazuka 665-8558
Contact Takarazuka Theater Information Center (10:00-17:00, closed Wednesdays) 0570-00-5100(10:00~17:00 )
*Not accessible through calls from certain mobile phones and PHS sets
hours open Every Wednesday

10 min. on foot from Takarazuka Station on the Hankyu Takarazuka Line
10 min. on foot from Takarazuka Station on the JR Takarazuka Line

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Barrier-free toilets, voice-guidance earphones available
Services for those in wheelchairs (ramps, viewing space - application required in advance)

Children's Room
Location: along the path leading to the Takarazuka Grand Theater
Inquiries/Reservations: 0797-85-6750
Hours: 10:00-19:00 on days with two performances, 10:00-17:00 on days with a single performance
Closed: every Wednesday (also applies to the Takarazuka Grand Theater park)
*Requires advance reservations