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Fine fig foods from Kawanishi, Hyogo Prefecture!

Figs, one of the prized products of Kawanishi City, Hyogo Prefecture, are in season from early August to mid-October. These figs are special because local farmers pick them early in the morning and ship them out immediately, so the ripe fruit are in stores the same day, earning them the nickname of “the morning harvest blessing.” Although delicious to eat fresh off the branch, we also recommend fig products. Here are some fig delicacies that make great souvenirs of Kawanishi.

Ichijuku Curry


Selected as one of “Five Stars Hyogo,” selections of Hyogo Prefecture’s specialties, this instant curry made with Kawanishi figs was jointly developed by Kawanishi City Government and Osaka Aoyama University with the aim of contributing to regional revitalization. This mildly spicy beef curry is balanced with the sweetness of figs but is accompanied by some extra spices you can add to adjust the hotness to your liking. Available at some Japanese sweets shops, liquor stores and farmers markets in Kawanishi City.

Ichijiku Mochi (Fig rice cake)


This fig mochi, made by the 30-year old Japanese sweets shop Murakami, has a mild sweetness and delicate flavor. Also at Murakami, you will find “Ichijiku Yokan” made with figs, baked goods made with fig jam called “Ichijiku no Sato,” and “Ichijiku Batake,” made with fig paste.

Hokusetsu-fuka Shukaen Murakami
Address: 1-5-7 Daiwanishi, Kawanishi City, Hyogo
Access: 5-minute walk from Nose Electric Railway Uneno Station

Ichijuku Pie (Fig pie)
Chosen as one of the “Five Stars Hyogo” selections of Hyogo Prefecture’s specialties, Ichijiku Pie is a recommended souvenir of crispy, fig-leaf shaped pastry, scented with fig extract. At this shop you’ll also find fig pound cake, fresh chocolate figs, fig wine jelly, fig jam, and more.

Cake Otani
Address: 3-2 Sakaemachi, Kawanishi City, Hyogo
Access: 4-minute walk from Hankyu / Nose Electric Railway Kawanishi-noseguchi Station

Ichijuku Wine (Fig wine) “Kawanishi no Asagiri” (Morning Dew)

The fig, relatively rare in Japan, is now also being made into wine. With a low alcohol content of about 10%, enjoy the subtle bouquet of fig and the fruity sweetness of this fig ros?. The fruits are harvested every summer, fermented through the fall, and on sale in February. Available at some liquor stores in Kawanishi City and at JA Hyogo Rokko Kawanishi Eino Shien Center (farming support center).


・Maenaka Liquor Store
Address: 12-2 Sakaemachi, Kawanishi City, Hyogo
Access: 4-minute walk from Hankyu / Nose Electric Railway Kawanishi-noseguchi Station
・JA Hyogo Rokko Kawanishi Eino Shien Center
Address: 1-27-5 Shitakamo, Kawanishi City, Hyogo
Access: 10-minute walk from Kawanishiikeda Station

In addition to the products mentioned here, there are many other fig products in Kawanishi City. Explore the versatility of this tasty fruit.


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